I created this site for the collections of videos I have created for my physics students at Northern Virginia Community College. There are three levels of physics offered at the College. All of them are Introductory Physics and require no previous knowledge of physics. The difference between them is the level of mathematics preparation.

Mathematics of the Introductory Physics

Getting ready to enroll in physics for the first time? Go over the mathematical concepts and situations that you are most likely to encounter in physics.

Conceptual Physics

Believe it or not, but Physics can be fun. At least, that is what we have in my Conceptual Physics class. Here is a selection of video materials that we have used.

College Physics

If you are planning to go into the health professions,  you will more likely need to take College Physics. College Physics is very similar to University Physics but requires no prior calculus knowledge.

University Physics

The most academically rigorous and mathematically advanced, the Introductory University Physics is for those who intend to major in physics, engineering, chemistry, computer science, and other physical sciences.