Conceptual Physics


Contrary to popular belief, this course is NOT Physics for dummies. While in the other two Introductory Physics courses (College and University Physics), the majority of students are required to take physics, in the Conceptual Physics you will find many students to have actually elected to study the subject. And so, I would like to call this course Physics for the Enthusiasts and certainly love when I teach it.

And indeed, since the course requires little mathematics beyond the standard knowledge imparted in high school, it is open to a very broad range of students. In fact, anyone who would like to find out what physics is about is welcome to take a Conceptual Physics course.

Unlike the College and University Physics, the nature of the Conceptual Physics allows incredible instructional flexibility when it comes to topics and level of discussions. In one university, the course is offered as How Things Work, while in another place it may be offered as Physics of Sports. Generally, and most frequently, it is simply called Conceptual Physics and is left up to the individual instructors to set the tone of the curriculum.