College Physics


College Physics is typically a two-semester Introductory Physics course designed for students planning to go into the Health Professions. It is sometimes called Introductory Physics for the Health Professions.

Mathematics Level

The required math prerequisites are either College Algebra (Precalculus) or Calculus I depending on the institution.

Trigonometry Review is highly recommended as the course begins quickly with trigonometric functions that are used in a physics context.

Lecture Notes and Videos

Math Review

Lines and Angles | Parallel Lines | Trig. Definitions | Trig. in Physics

Vectors | Logarithms 

Measurements, Precision, Units, etc. 

Scientific Notation | Units | Prefixes | Conversion of Units | Non-Linear Units  

Lab. Instrument Precision and Measurements


A Sports Car | Car Accelerates Then Coasts | Average Speed

A Stone Thrown | Free Fall | Graphical Analysis

Vectors | Addition of Vectors | Displacement of an Ant | The problem of Arctan

Projectile Motion Summary | Time of Flight of a Projectile | Projectile Distance | Projectile Velocity | Range


Summary | Block on Horizontal Table w/o Friction | Block on Horizontal Table w. Friction

Block and Two Forces | A Book Against the Ceiling | V. The Elevator Problem | Sliding Along an Incline

Systems of Objects Summary | Two Boxes on a Horizontal Table | The Atwood Machine

Monkey Climbing up a Rope | Two Masses

Circular Motion

Circular Motion Kinematics Summary | Object on the Equator

Circular Motion Dynamics Summary | Three Tracks | Loop-the-Loop

Tension at Bottom | Horizontal Circles | Turning Cars | Banking Angles


Introduction | Conservation of Energy | Formula Sheet | Roller Coaster | Sliding w/o Friction

Sliding w. Friction | Falling Down w. Resistance | Swinging Pendulum | Tension in Pendulum

Elastic Potential Energy | An Example | Kinetic vs. Potential | Spring on an Incline

Work Along a Slope | Sliding Coin | Block on a Cord | Rate of Work (Power)

Force vs. Position Graph | Work of Elastic Force

Linear Momentum

Linear Momentum | Railroad Colliding | Recoil Velocity

Energy vs. Momentum | V. Ballistic Pendulum | V. Elastic Collisions – Algebra

Center of Mass