University Physics


The General University Physics is an Introductory Physics Course that usually spans 2 semesters and covers topics from Mechanics, Conservation Laws, Fluids, Oscillations and Waves, Thermodynamics, Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics.

Mathematics Level

Requires Calculus I at least. Preferred Calculus II.

Practice Workbooks

The two workbooks below were created as a resource for students to practice their problem-solving skills. Frequently, end-of-chapter homework problems in the standard textbook include too many details and require multiple concepts that make them unsuitable for beginners. The objective of the workbooks was to give students a sufficiently large number of repetitive problems so that they can apply one concept to several consecutive problems until the students gain confidence in their problem-solving abilities.

Practice Workbook Part I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics. 

It includes about 300 practice problems grouped in three levels: A, B, and C. A and B problems are designed to allow students to practice basic concepts as they appear in the General University Physics course.

Practice Workbook Part II: Waves, Electricity, Magnetism, Optics

Lecture Notes and Videos

Newton’s Laws

V. The Elevator Problem

Work and Energy

L. Work and Energy

L.Potential Energy

Linear Momentum and Center of Mass

V. Ballistic Pendulum

V. Elastic Collisions – Algebra

V. Center of Mass of Half a Ring

V. Center of Mass of Half a Disk

V Rocket Propulsion


V. Moment of Inertia of Solid Disk

V. Moment of Inertia of Uniform Rod

Statics and Equilibrium





V. Simple Harmonic Motion

V. Damped Harmonic Oscillator